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Take a Paid Survey

Please answer the following questions "yes" or "no":

  • Do you have a little extra time?
  • Do you like giving your opinion, and having it really matter?
  • Do you have room in your life for a little extra cash?

If the answer to these questions is "yes," then paid surveys may be ideal for you. With the advent of the Internet and the competition for consumer attention, thousands of companies are seeking ways to contact consumers directly to find out what they really think about movies, books, products, financial services, online gaming ?anything you spend money on. 

Your paid survey will be conducted online. Surveys that you want to take, you can simply accept, while any paid surveys you're not interested in, you're always free to turn down.



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How Does A Paid Survey Work?

It's simple. You simply register in a paid survey directory for free; paid surveys are performed every day by large companies. Your registration information will include contact information ?your email ?as well as some demographic information.

When a paid survey comes up that fits your profile, you're contacted and offered the opportunity to participate, as well as told what your reward for that paid survey will be. Frequently, you're offered cash or a gift certificate; other times, you're entered into a small drawing for a larger prize.

Some paid surveys also offer a cumulative payment: you take online surveys for points, and after completing a number of paid surveys you'll have enough points to redeem for prizes or even cash.

Why Would Anyone Pay For My Opinion?

Your opinion is valuable. For years, surveys conducted via telephone worked well. People had a little time to spare, and they were happy to use it to influence the market, public opinion, or just have a little power over the world.

Today, everything moves faster, and no one has the time they used to have. In a world like this, who's willing to answer a survey? Only people with nothing better to do ?and they're usually not ideal customers, the opinions that surveys want. In order to get surveys that have any bearing at all on the real world, surveyors are finding that they need to offer something in return for your time.

Enter the paid survey. 

In addition, paid surveys offer market researchers, the people who really use all their numbers, an additional benefit: they can define the people they want to survey. If a dog food company is looking for young vegetarian pet owners for a new vegetarian line of pet food, they can probably find them in a pool of paid online survey takers.

In case that doesn't convince you, think about this: every year, companies lose hundreds of millions of dollars when they introduce new products onto the market that fail to sell. And that's with good market research information! Your survey answers, when put together with hundreds or thousands of others, can save a company millions of dollars when they're considering what products to market. 

That alone makes it worth the cash and prizes they're willing to distribute for your time in taking a paid survey.

Aren't Paid Surveys Scams?

Some are. You see these in pop-up windows all the time, and in spammed email. They offer a prize that's just too good to be true in return for your opinion in an online survey. But when you go to take the survey, you find out that you have to complete a certain number of offers to get the prize.

The offers generally require a financial commitment of some sort, but you've already taken the survey. You wind up either losing money, or not getting any return for your time.

These sorts of surveys aren't fair to you. They also aren't very accurate, as they are open to anyone and not just a target market.

By registering to take free paid surveys instead, you have a steady stream of surveys coming to you from a source you can trust not to abuse you. And when you take surveys regularly, you will start making some money from it. You won't get rich, of course, but it can be worth your time.

You'll also have an additional benefit: you'll have insider information about new products, movies, games, and other things that may be hitting the market in the near future.

If I Participate In Paid Surveys, How Much Money Will I Make? 

You won't get rich. But you may be able to make enough to pay for a few extras. If you complete a lot of paid surveys, your chances of getting into the pool for more highly paid surveys will go up. And the more online surveys you do, the more paid survey offers you'll be sent.

There's another advantage in doing more paid surveys: you may be invited to participate in focus groups and product testing. These are more intense marketing research than surveys, and may require you to go to a marketing office in person to participate face-to-face with others. In product testing, you'll be given products for free to examine on your own and report back on. Both of these marketing opportunities will pay better than standard online surveys.

Do Paid Survey Companies Sell My Email to Spammers?

Always read your agreement carefully, but in general, the answer to this is no. Why would they? Spammers are in direct competition with them for the one thing they want most from you: your time. And paid survey companies are paying you for your time, whereas spammers don't.

This is not to say some paid survey companies don't sell your information. There are companies in this industry who will take advantage of your information, just as there are unscrupulous finance companies that will take advantage of you.

But you must remember that the online paid survey companies you will see are mostly offshoots of legitimate marketing survey companies that have existed for decades collecting information via telephone interviews and mailings. The Nielsen Company uses online paid survey companies; so do many of the polls you read about in the newspaper.

Ultimately, by participating in online paid surveys, you're participating in a venerable democratic process, one of the oldest and most powerful in existence, and you're getting paid for it. As long as you read the fine print, how can you lose?


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Top 30 Paid Survey Directory

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ItPaysToLearn (USA)

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